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Crostini with Brie

I love Brie Cheese and further more a good one from Paris, So yesterday I got one and decided to do a Crostini with Spanish tomato pepper spreads and pine nuts. Ingredients: 1 slice of toasted dark bread 2 tbs….

Empanadas with chicken and Brie

Fried Empanadas is a great snack and easy to make. I use a pizza dough with different stuffing. This one is a combination I ate in Paris and a  guest in a friend’s house. Brie Cheese with roasted chicken breast…

Stuffed shortbread dough with chicken balls

Its a lunch time inspiration for a finger food, I like to eat with a glass of a good Chardonnay. Savory shortbread dough covers a minced of chicken breast with some chopped onions and coriander. Rolled like a Ping Pong…