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Roasted eggplant sandwich with Sundried tomato bread

Whole wheat Sundrried tomato bread, bake to perfection just the way I like it, a bit crunchy from the inside and soft and tasty in the inside. I could use only some butter and a good Swiss cheese but this time I have decide to add few things that I like, roasted eggplant my special cream of tomatoes and a good fresh Ttziki sauce.

Follow my recipe, easy to make and tasty for any time of the day, anything can be added to it, from hard boiled egg or a slice of roasted ham or just some lettuce.

Step 1: Baking a bread

Step 2: Slice it in half

Step 3: add roasted eggplant, cream of tomatoes and Greek Tziki

Step 4: Sliced the sandwich in half and enjoy


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